Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Joelle's new ride!

We just bought a baby carrier backpack for Joelle. It really is a necessity for living here since a lot of activities are outdoors. We took her out in it the other day and she really seemed to like it. She even fell asleep towards the end!
We went walking on a gorgeous day and we really discovered the beauty of Alaska and where we live. We are surrounded by the Chugach Mountains. We can see them out the front window of our house. Over the past two weeks we have seen snow at their peeks and it seems that everyday the snow creeps lower down the moutains. Winter is coming! These are pictures taken from our walk in our neighborhood and just outside the neighborhood on trails that connect all throughout the city.This one was taken down our neighborhood street:

And here's a picture of Justin with Joelle and Ben and Ellie on a trail just outside our house:

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