Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday at 8:30am I was driving onto post and noticed my car thermometer read 3 degrees. This morning my car read 2 degrees. Yes, 2 DEGREES! It's getting cold here, but it honestly doesn't feel like 2 degrees outside. It feels more like 20 degrees....I know, odd statement. The mountains are covered in snow and the sun is shining bright in the blue skies. It really is beautiful! Our days are now 9am to 7pm. I hear they eventually go from 10am to 3pm. That will be a little bit of a change, but not too bad.

So I guess this is a little weather update from Anchorage, brought to you by the Pritchard household. :-)


KDoug said...

That is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

cougforester said...

I love it - enjoy the fire place, soups, hot cocoa and playing in the snow...man, get the snow shoes and the REI kid backpack ready....hours and hours of fun for the family (fur kids included!)