Saturday, May 31, 2008

our spring flower

what the poop...?!

Joelle and I went for a walk a few mornings ago with a friend before it got too hot out. When we came home I realized that we didn't have any water pressure at any of the sinks. After talking to a friend we found out that the water to our neighborhood was shut off temporarily due to construction. No big deal. EXCEPT...Joelle had a MAJOR BLOW OUT in her diaper! She had poop coming out the back of her diaper and going all the way up to her neck! I successfully removed her shirt over her head without getting more of her head dirty. I had to stand her up to clean her so she wouldn't get everything dirty. She got a baby wipes bath since I couldn't throw her in the tub. Once she was cleaned I then had the dilema of how to clean her "Mommy's little sweetie" white shirt (which I understand is a very ironic shirt for her to be wearing!)...because we all know that baby poop stains. My only water source was the Brita in the fridge. So I emptied it into a pot and heated it up a bit. I added some baby Oxyclean and soaked the shirt for 10+ hours. FYI: 90% of the stain came out! Later that evening we did get the water back on and I was at least able to shower. What an adventure!


I'm learning how to edit my own pictures. Here's a few that I played around with this morning. This sure can get addicting! My goal is to eliminate the middle man and just take my own pictures. I think with editing I should be able to do that.
The brown toned picture is probably my favorite! I think it captures Joelle very well. The sketched picture is SO NEAT! I can't get over how unique it is. And I had to include the picture of Joelle and me because....well...there just aren't very many pictures of the two of us, or any pictures of me for that matter. I guess that's what happens when you are the picture taker!
All editing is compliments of

Friday, May 16, 2008

12 legs on a walk

I took the dogs for a walk today with Joelle in the front carrier. It's always an adventure! Ellie's nose usually gets the best of her, which means I'm constantly tugging on her to stay with us. Ben can get so excited when he sees other people (or animals!). So sometimes Joelle and I get pulled a house's length or two. But today the dogs did really well! Hallelujah! BUT Joelle was a mess! Halfway through the walk she decided to cry...and not stop! Can't I get a break? I guess a peaceful walk won't be happening anytime soon. Oh well, I still GREATLY enjoy my life!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

beauty at 4 months

Joelle is now four months old and it is so fun to think back on how much she has grown and learned in such a small amount of time. She now does a little bit better on her tummy each time I lay her down. She LOVES to laugh and smile! Which of course we love too! Drooling is a huge part of her life right now as well as "talking" a lot to us. She is becoming her own person and it's so fun to see who she will be.

like Joelle, like Daddy

Joelle loves to suck on her thumb and sometimes that turns into sucking on her hand...which then turns into shoving her whole hand in her mouth. I was snapping away on my camera and daddy decided to join Joelle in all her fun. What can I say? Like Joelle, like Daddy!

AND sucking on Daddy's nose seems to be fun too! Go figure!