Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yellowstone National Park: June 30

We made sure to stop by Yellowstone on our way. And FYI: if you're on military orders (like we were) you can show them at the gate and get in for free. It'll save you $25.00

The park was pretty cool. The scenery is beautiful! We saw lots of buffalo, a few bears in the distance, beautiful waterfalls, played with snow in the mountains, and of course visited the geysers.
Here we are at Old Faithful

This is a beautiful waterfall with the constant rainbow. I loved it!

Of course, what's Yellowstone without a big buffalo right outside your car?

The day ended up being super hot, which made it hard to walk around with Joelle. And feeding her in the car throughout the day wasn't great either. But it was a fun trip and we are glad we decided to visit.

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