Wednesday, August 27, 2008

food, food, glorious food

Joelle is getting so much better eating "real" food. I put quotations on it because it's all pureed with the occasional corn pieces, noodles and puffs. I put just about anything in front of her now, of course it needs to be swallowable. We started her with the veggies and she used to love them. But now she has grown to have a sweet tooth (except she doesn't have any teeth yet at almost 8 months I guess she has sweet gums!) and it is so hard for me to get her to eat her veggies. I have to swap spoon fulls back and forth between fruits and veggies so she gets tricked into eating it. Last night she threw a huge tantrum since she didn't have any fruit with her dinner. She didn't eat as much either...I think she thought I would give in and give her the fruit. She definitely got the wrong mom for that! Poor girl. I can already tell I'm going to be a real stickler.

Here's Joelle with her tray full of corn I cut off the cob. She loved trying to get those pieces in her mouth!


The Crowes said...

so joelle has a sweet tooth huh? my kind of girl!! we started maggie on rice cereal and i introduced peas (likes) and bananas (hates alone but will tolerate with rice cereal). how long did she do the cereal before you started her on everything else? i know i did this with caroline but i cant remember anymore! we really miss you and i miss picking your brain!! also-the leadership workshop for the eccc is being put in to place as we speak and will be a great change! thanks for your help in getting it started-yay!!

j ><> said...

haha...i think she has her mouth wide open in every "eating" picture of her...hopefully the "see-food" won't become a trend ;) or maybe you can teach her how to eat oreo's & gross justin out one day when she opens her mouth :)