Wednesday, August 20, 2008

saying goodbye

I never expected it to be hard leaving Ft. Leonard Wood, but it ended up being a little sad. The Lord blessed us immensely while we were there. I was able to meet a handful of women who were having babies the same time as me. We were able to watch our babies grow together and share stories and learn from each other. It was priceless! I also had a large group of other friends that grew to be my weekly lunch group. And of course there was our great sunday school class at Westside Baptist Church. That was a wonderful group of people and our teachers, Tom and Robyn Crabtree, are wonderful and priceless :-).
Of course, nothing can compare to The Delafield Crew! We had so much fun being a part of it. Justin would occasionally "Catch the Bus" to school (the carpool). Also we would have our monthly (or so it seemed sometimes weekly) get togethers which was either a BBQ or out to dinner. We had so much fun on Delafield! It was hard to say goodbye to that group.
The Delafield Crew was so great and threw us a going away party. How wonderful are they!? We already miss you guys and hope that our journey's in the Army have us living by each other again (except...maybe not Jack Johannes since he's not airborne! Ha! Just kidding Jack :-) I would be your neighbor any day.)

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