Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello Friends and Family!

We are now almost settled here in Alaska and I have found time and energy to update this blog. The bad news is that the high speed internet here is actually painfully slow. It takes minutes to upload pictures. I will do my best to recap our adventure but it could take me awhile. So I will blog in phases.

We made it to Alaska July 17 and in four days had nailed down a rental house. We were then able to hang out on Anchorage for awhile before we went back to Spokane, WA for my sister's wedding on Aug. 1. We moved into our house Aug. 6, which of course proved to be another military move with issues. The movers never give an exact time they will show up, just sometime between 8am and 5pm. We have a few moves under our belt now and NONE of them have happened before 10am. Justin had to go into work at 7am and we thought for sure he would be back before the movers. WRONG! At 8:30am a contractor showed up to continue painting the inside of the house (the house wasn't quite ready for us like it should have been), at 8:40am the moving truck shows up, at 8:45am Joelle decides she's hungry (and we're talking cereal...not a bottle). The next thing I know I hear lawn mowers going. The realtor had contacted a lawn service to cut the grass since it hadn't been done yet. Of course they opened the gate and the dogs went running into the front yard. So I now have a hungry baby on my hip, clipboard in hand checking off boxes as they come into the house, dogs running in the yard, and a contractor painting the house. The contractor thankfully saw I had my hands full and he left and came back hours later. I called Justin and he showed up around 9:50am. But praise the Lord for great neighbors! Our neighbor came by to introduce himself and noticed I had my hands full. He left and came back with a coffee his wife fixed for me and a bouncer for Joelle so my hands could be freed. I definitely felt taken care of :-)

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