Thursday, September 4, 2008


We finally did some much needed yard work to the house last weekend and discovered another clump of huge and colorful mushrooms. Living on the coast creates lots of rain which means lots of moisture for mushrooms to grow. These mushrooms grew to be 5-6 inches tall and the tops of them umbrellaed out to probably 4 inches in diameter. They were huge! Although I'm sure to some of you they really aren't that large, but I have never seen mushrooms so big just growing in a yard. We decided the smurfs must live there.

Along with finding the mushrooms we decided to dig out a rhubard plant that had not been cared for in the last four years and was greatly overgrown. We probably could have entered a stem in the state fair and won because it was so large! The most incredible part was the root of the plant. HUGE! And unfortunately we took out some raspberry plants in the back that were starting to take over the fence. Raspberry's grow everywhere here and I was a little sad to see them go, but the yard does look so much better.

And the front of our house looks bare these days...but so much better! There were YEARS of weeds growing in unleveled flower beds. I spent 4 hours one afternoon weeding and Justin finished up over the weekend. Now there's just dirt, with flower bulbs soon to come, and the beds are now level thanks to Justin. We also threw out hanging planters with dead flowers that were so lovingly left by the owners.

I will update with house pictures soon. Our storage goods from North Carolina are arriving next week. We will get the house officially set up and then the camera will get clicking!


j ><> said...

haha!! justin could be the grim "rooter" (oh i'm funny) with that root :)

and i very much like joelle's new winter coat...she reminds me of the kid in A Christmas'll just have to teach her to not lick frozen poles @ recess...

can't wait to see photos of the house!!!

The Crowes said...

that is one crazy mushroom!! how is the unpacking going? we miss you guys!