Monday, September 8, 2008

8 months old!

Joelle is now 8 months how time flies! Here is her list of accomplishments:

*She has been to 9 states and one foreign country (Canada).

*She has been on 12 airplane rides.

*She eats from a spoon very well. She loves fruits and cereals the best.

*She can successfully pick up cheerios with her fingers and put them in her mouth.

*She sits up to play and grabs toys out of baskets.

*She "creeps" on the floor....not quite crawling yet.
*No teeth yet.
*Hair is growing, just a little hard to see.
*She is still in her bucket car seat and can probably last a few more months.
*She LOVES listening to daddy play his guitar (she even holds the egg shaker and is the percussion section).
*She still sucks her thumb and plays with the pacifier.
*She loves to smile and laugh and sometimes scrunches up her face and laughs by blowing air in and out of her nose (I need to get a video camera to show's so cute!).
*She still wears 6 month clothes and even some 3 month clothes.
*She loves to laugh at the dogs.
*She rubs her eyes when she's tired.
*She takes 3 naps a day and sleeps 11 hours at night. That totally makes up for the first 8 weeks of one hour asleep and 1 hour awake...that was terrible!

Justin and I are loving being her parents more and more each day. She has become such a joy in our life.


The Crowes said...

she is such a big girl! you guys are such great parents and are doing an amazing job! love from missouri!!

The Houstons said...

Oh they grow so fast, I cannot believe Noah is gonna be 8 months too. Crazy! Isn't it exciting all the new things they can do? It seems like there is something new every few days! Hope yall are having so much fun in Moose land! Wish we were there...:) At least you guys probably have a Walmart...LOL, But the bears would probably scare me, the closest thing to predators we have here are ....foxes! LOL