Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new mobility

Joelle has now learned how to roll over! We have been waiting awhile for this. Within the past month she would get absolutely upset and frustrated with being on her stomach and so I was hoping rolling over would be achieved soon. Last saturday, June 7, I was watching her on the playmat and it looked like she just might make it happen. I called Justin to come and watch and within the minute she rolled over! We were so excited and cheered her on, but she looked very confused as to why we were so happy. Crawling could be just around the corner...but I hope not! I like her staying stationary.


Kinslee said...

Yeah! Go Joelle. She is getting so big I love seeing al the pictures.

Shannon said...

i love these pictures! good job beth!

The Crowes said...

beth has the best camera!!!