Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alaska Or Bust: The Journey

Day 1: FLW to Omaha, NE
Today we commenced our exciting adventure to Alaska. We got a later start then desired, 10:40am to be exact. Two days ago I [Justin] became very sick and had a fever of 103 degrees. We though I was better, but I woke up today puking my guts out. Beth threatened me with death if I did not go to the hospital. So after the doc gave me some meds we hit the road. Joelle did well today. We had to stop twice to feed and change her. We only experienced a little rain along the way. Tomorrow it's off to Rapid City, SD.

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Shannon said...

oh man! praying the Lord will bless your journey~ that you Justin will regain full health and feel wonderful, and that Beth wouldn't get sick either! and that your little girl will travel wonderful and the dogs too!... that you all will have a safe passage and that the Lord would bless your time together sitting in a car for that super long trip!