Friday, May 15, 2009

Radio Flyer!

Joelle has a new summer ride....her PINK Radio Flyer! It has a bar in the back that I use to push and steer the trike so Joelle can actually go places. Her legs don't quite reach the pedals. It's our new stroller for the summer to get around post. We've walked twice to the post chapel with her riding on it. She LOVES it! She's all smiles!


The Houstons said...

Oh that is just too cute! I immediately looked up one for Noah...and waiting to see if Amazon will ship it to Germany...and to see if Jon approves..hehehe!
She's getting so big! I bet you are having a blast in the sunshine!

j... said...

my gosh!! Are you freezing the poor kid!!? And where is all the snow?? You live in ALASKA for gosh sakes!! And stop making such cute babies... ;)


beth ... that is soooo cute! i was wondering the same thing ... is it warm up there?!?!