Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Sister Practice

Last night Joelle and I got to babysit Molly, our friend Ashley's 3 month old daughter. It was great practice for me to juggle both Joelle and a baby. But the best part was seeing Joelle enter the role of a big sister. She completely loved on Molly and it was so sweet! I propped Molly up on the couch and Joelle promptly pointed out her facial features to me (Joelle knows eye, nose, ear, mouth). She then wanted to sit on the couch with Molly. After I put her on the couch she showed interest in holding Molly. I wasn't too sure about letting her try it but I decided to put Joelle in the corner of the couch to see how it would go. I put Molly in her lap and Joelle immediately put her arms around her and looked up at me with a huge grin. She was beaming with joy! It was so cute! I quickly ran to get the camera to capture the moment. Of course, the smile isn't nearly as big in this picture:
Joelle also LOVES to love on other kids with kisses and hugs. So she of course extended the love to Molly:
Overall.....I am now so excited for Joelle to be a big sister to Baby #2 in October! I think she is going to be a fabulous big sister :-)!


j... said...

Beth!! Joelle is HUGE!!! Let me just state the obvious here but MY GOSH how kids change when they grow!! She looks like a little lady now...any luck with ponytails yet??

P.S.--jon & i are betting (literally) on a BOY ;)

shannon said...

beth joelle is so wonderful. such a pretty girl. and i love her pjs... i kinda want a pair.