Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ash shower from Mt. Redoubt

After six days of eruptions from Mt. Redoubt, Anchorage is finally gaining some ash. Right now it's just a light dusting (like what you find on your coffee table when you don't dust, which of course is so normal at my house!). We will see what tomorrow brings. I'll try to take some pictures.

Mt. Redoubt has caused some issues for me. I visited family in Spokane, WA last week and I was supposed to return on Monday. Well, that was day one of eruptions. I was advised at the ticket counter at the airport to book a hotel for when I get to Seattle so I have a place to stay in the very likely situation that my flight is canceled (the two flights before mine were canceled). So instead of booking a hotel I just stayed two more days in Spokane. I did find out later my flight was not canceled but there was no way of knowing that when I needed to board my plane in Spokane. I did finally get out on Wednesday and made it home that evening. It was a good thing too! ALL flights on Thursday in and out of Anchorage were canceled due to more eruptions. Whew was God good to me! So really it was just a matter of time before the ash reached Anchorage. No one knows how many more times Mt. Redoubt will erupt. Years ago when it erupted it was absolutely devastating to Anchorage. Way too much ash! Let's pray it doesn't get that bad. I better go shopping tomorrow for extra food.....just in case :-)

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