Saturday, May 31, 2008

what the poop...?!

Joelle and I went for a walk a few mornings ago with a friend before it got too hot out. When we came home I realized that we didn't have any water pressure at any of the sinks. After talking to a friend we found out that the water to our neighborhood was shut off temporarily due to construction. No big deal. EXCEPT...Joelle had a MAJOR BLOW OUT in her diaper! She had poop coming out the back of her diaper and going all the way up to her neck! I successfully removed her shirt over her head without getting more of her head dirty. I had to stand her up to clean her so she wouldn't get everything dirty. She got a baby wipes bath since I couldn't throw her in the tub. Once she was cleaned I then had the dilema of how to clean her "Mommy's little sweetie" white shirt (which I understand is a very ironic shirt for her to be wearing!)...because we all know that baby poop stains. My only water source was the Brita in the fridge. So I emptied it into a pot and heated it up a bit. I added some baby Oxyclean and soaked the shirt for 10+ hours. FYI: 90% of the stain came out! Later that evening we did get the water back on and I was at least able to shower. What an adventure!

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Shannon said...

hey you have blogspot! horray me too! i love the irony of the whole situation. ah the joys of motherhood!