Sunday, August 16, 2009

An update with pictures

Here is a long awaited picture of our house on Ft. Richardson. Joelle and I like it very much and we can't wait for Justin to see it.

Joelle and I went with some friends to Arctic Valley and went blueberry picking. It was a lot of hard work! We walked uphill for about 1/2 mile, which may not seem like much but when you're pregnant and you have a toddler with you it seems long! Luckily I have great friends who carried Joelle so I could work on getting my pregnant self up the hill. Joelle enjoyed picking the berries, however most of them were crow berries. The blueberries were a little hard to find!

Justin sent us a wonderful gift from Afghanistan. Afghan dresses and jewelry! Here is Joelle in her beautiful orange dress. It's a bit big for her so she should be able to wear it for awhile (not exactly sure where though!). And as a thank you Joelle and I made cookies to send to Daddy. Joelle sure enjoyed helping!And lastly, a friend and I went around post and took some pictures of each other so our husbands could actually remember what we look like :-). Here is one:


Christina said...

She is so beautiful! And you look great too! Praying for all of you.


Steph said...

You get that whole house, with two garage stalls?? Jealous!!

I love Joelle's feathery blonde hair, and your pregnant belly is cute!

KDoug said...

Great pics! Hope you're taking it easy when you can!

And WHOA on that huge house!!!!